Dispute Resolution - Commercial Litigation

We work in partnership with our clients to minimise stress and  implement a range of strategies, mitigate risk and exposure.

No matter how complex the case, we are able to provide assistance in dealing with traditional litigation in every Australian court.

Is litigation necessary?

It is our experience that most commercial disputes can be resolved without going to Court. This can be contributed to several reasons:
  • By preparing a matter for Court, the parties are forced to consider the issues in dispute and assess objectively the strengths and weaknesses of their position.¬† This encourages compromise.
  • A known outcome, being a compromise between the parties original positions, is normally a preferred outcome to the uncertainty of a decision by a Court, which may be unfavourable.
What costs are involved?

Through open communication with our clients, we encourage them to deal with issues such as negotiating fee arrangements, cash flow planning and being upfront about costs at all times.
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