Fletcher & Lawson Lawyers is a legal firm delivering comprehensive and tailored legal services within the Liquor and Gambling industry. Our main objective is to enhance our clients’ commercial success through the provision of legal services and advice customised to their specific circumstances and business goals. Our unwavering dedication lies in achieving the desired outcomes for our clients in a business-oriented manner.

Fletcher & Lawson Lawyers offers comprehensive assistance in all aspects of licensing matters, from obtaining liquor licenses to advising on employment and staff training decisions within the hospitality industry. Our services include:

  • Handling commercial, retail, and hospitality leases, along with conveyancing matters.
  • Managing applications to the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner for premises alterations, redefinitions, and variations, including community impact assessments.
  • Representing clients in Licensing Court and/or before the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner.
  • Assisting with council applications for development approvals and preparing submissions on various applications.
  • Addressing occupational health and safety concerns.
   All communications by email. Visits by appointment only.